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Port and Madeira with Bartholomew Broadbent

A Mysterious Elixir Decoded

Join us for this sweet and warming exploration of Port and Madeira with importer Bartholomew Broadbent.  Bartholomew’s father, former head of Christies wine department Michael Broadbent, is renowned for having tasted more old vintages of fine wine than anyone else in the world.  Bartholomew has clearly inherited his father’s skill, building a successful wine importing business in the USA featuring top wines from Argentina, South Africa, Spain and Portugal.  But, like his father, Bartholomew has a special love for Port and Madeira, so we’re excited that he’s able to join us and share that passion with us!

We’ll taste through a range of Bartholomew’s Ports – including his own Broadbent line – including ruby, vintage, and tawny styles.  Then, we’ll explore what Michael Broadbent has called his “dessert island wine”: Madeira.  The Broadbent Madeira’s were selected and blended by Bartholomew with input from his parents (his mom’s a pretty sharp taster, too!) and will cover a range of styles and grapes.  No wine ages better than Madeira, and we’ll prove it by showing off two brilliant 1978s!

Cost: $45.00 / ticket